Pentatonic Soundscapes

(This post assumes some knowledge of music theory. If you need, you can refer to the Wikipedia articles that I have linked, and especially the article on music intervals.) In traditional music theory books, pentatonic scales (5-note scales) are generally mentioned briefly and as a means to express a folk or exotic sound, in contrast […]

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Evoluzione biologica 101

Nel 1837 Darwin scarabocchiò su un taccuino questo albero evolutivo, che da un tronco unico si divide nel tempo nei rami A, B, C e D. Qualche anno dopo aggiunse in alto le parole “I think”, cioè “penso”. Da allora, grazie allo stesso Darwin innanzitutto e poi a tanti altri studiosi, la teoria dell’evoluzione biologica […]

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A Wider View of Diatonic Harmony

(This is a technical article for musicians. Level: intermediate to advanced.) When we think about harmony, we generally think about tertian structures, that is to say about chords built by stacking thirds. By stacking two thirds we get the so-called “triads,” and adding one more third we get the “seventh chords,” For centuries, these 3- […]

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