My posts on music, arranged chronologically / I miei post sulla musica, ordinati cronologicamente:

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Un teorema di completezza diatonica (9 dicembre 2018, IT, protetto)

You Don’t Understand Me by Roxette: Form, Chords, and Scales (27 agosto 2018, EN, protected)

You Don’t Understand Me: Il gioiello dei Roxette (23 agosto 2018, IT)

On the ‘characteristic’ tones of scales (16 march 2018, EN, protected)

A minimalist approach to composition on the guitar (16 March 2018, EN, protected)

Armonie napoletane: le origini della musica moderna (4 marzo 2018, IT, protetto)

Armonia di base e tradizionale (9 febbraio 2018, IT, protetto)

Rapture di Anita Baker: Giochi musicali su diverse facce dell’amore (11 gennaio 2018, IT)

Paul Jackson Jr: The master of rhythm guitar drives a song by Daft Punk (8 June 2017, EN, protected)

Beauty through non-standard simplicity: ‘Crockett’s Theme’ by Jan Hammer (30 May 2017, EN, protected)

Maybe I don’t know if I should change: Modal interchange in ‘Such a Shame’ by Talk Talk (20 May 2017, EN, protected)

Lydian brilliance: Harmonic colors in ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton (8 May 2017, EN, protected)

Pentatonic Soundscapes (29 December 2016, EN, protected)

A wider view of diatonic harmony (8 July 2016, EN, protected)

Raindrops And The Wind (16 June 2016)  (Excerpt from a composition of mine / Estratto da una mia composizione.)

Grandma take me home: Finding tonal centers in a song by Nirvana (1 October 2015, EN, protected)

My top 5 soundtracks (13 February 2015, EN)

On different kinds of music freedom – Part two (24 October 2014, EN)

On different kinds of music freedom – Part one (20 october 2014, EN)