Thought-provoking visual content on Facebook


Close the Internet is a Facebook page (a community) whose posts consist exclusively of works of visual art, mostly photos (due credit is generally given to the photographers).

The page’s verbal communication is limited to three messages: the page’s name, the caption on the cover photo (“Crying for the Internet”) and the page’s motto, “The most aesthetic page with the most direct purpose on the Internet.”

Indeed, while browsing the photos one has a strong impression of purpose. The visual material always seems accurately selected, as if to match a specific aesthetic style or to deliver a specific mood. There’s sadness, melancholy or loneliness in many of the visual posts by Close the Internet.

But there’s more: thought. These are often philosophical pictures, able to set an ideal background for reflection. Actual beauty at the service of possible meanings, so to say.

Try to add the page to your network (namely, give it a “like”). What are your reactions?



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